Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Start of a New Path

This year has not been an exciting year, or should I say, it's been a rough year financially for our family, so "exciting" in the wrong way.  And I know I'm not alone!  I hope everyone was able to make it through this year with as little scarring as possible, and with some happiness to boot!  But 2011 is looking up for many reasons:

1.  As a nation, we are coming to realize that our consumerism needs to be cut back a little.  We were buying a lot of stuff and creating a lot of waste and leftovers. 
     At EllaBellaMay, I will be putting this notion into practice, and will be finding ways to use every scrap of fabric I generate.  Some of these ideas include using the leftover fleece scraps as stuffing for dog and cat beds.  I've tried this out on my dog and she loves it!  Another idea is to bring back the "scrap quilt" from yesteryear.  I will be creating various bibs, floor blankets, etc, using the scrap fabric pieces I generate when cutting out my ellie patterns.  I've put a couple together and I love them, I hope my customers will, too!

2.  We are becoming more thrifty and realistic about our financial situations.  We can no longer rely on credit cards and a steady job to bolster our lifestyles.  Looking to handmade items and supporting these artisans is a wonderful way to save money on products and tell the big companies that we are looking for more personal items that will last a long time, and be cherished. 
     At EllaBellaMay, I am looking into using organic fabrics, including hemps, linens and organic cottons grown in the US (except hemp which is illegal to grow in the US - something that has to change!).  Not only does this ensure life long enjoyment of my products, but also supports changes in the supply chain that are positive for the environment inside and outside our homes.

3.  I have come to really enjoy home gardening and growing my own fruits and vegetables.  I will be posting my adventures here - because "adventures" is a good word for it!  I have NO gardening experience besides an accidental cucumber plant last year that I thought was an ivy plant!  It grew around our mailbox and actually produced three beautiful cucumbers, that were so much tastier than what I had been buying in the store.  This experience was a proud moment for me, and I'm excited to try some real gardening.  This year for Christmas, my husband made me some 4X4 foot wooden boxes so I can try out the "square foot gardening" idea that is becoming popular now with home growers. I'll keep you posted!

Thank you to my followers and to my customers and friends who have cherished my little ellies as much as I love making them!  I cherish you as well!  See you here a lot more this year, and please post your comments, and your ideas and anything else you can think of, I welcome them all! 

Here's to a beautiful new beginning and a great new year: 2011!!

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